Colorful Cars Counting On Clip Cards


We’ve been working our way through a bunch of key literacy and math concepts with printable clip cards! They’re a fun, hands-on way of reviewing all kinds of concepts.

We’ve done addition up to 10 with these Vegetable Addition Clip Cards, counting with Halloween Counting Clip Cards (10-20), and beginning sounds with Fall Beginning Sound Clip Cards.

Today’s printable works on another basic Kindergarten math skill: Colorful Cars Counting On Clip Cards!


Free Math Printables for Kids: Colorful Cars Counting On Clip Cards for preschoolers and kindergartners.


As usual with clip cards, it’s best to laminate the pages after you print them and before you cut them apart. {If you prefer, you can laminate the cards separately after you cut them apart for maximum durability, but I haven’t found it necessary.} If you chose not to use them as clip cards, you can leave the sheets intact. That way, sheet protectors are a good option to add reusability while not being as permanent as lamination.


Free Math Printables for Kids: Colorful Cars Counting On Clip Cards for preschoolers and kindergartners.


The printable has two pages of four clip cards each. Each shows two larger cars with consecutive numbers between 1 and 9 on them, and three smaller cars with numbers. The objective is to mark the number that comes after the numbers on the larger cars.

This skill is called “counting on”, meaning starting to count at a number other than 1. (I did include a card that shows numbers 1 and 2 on the larger cars to get eight cards with no duplicate numbers.) Encourage kids to keep counting verbally after the number they’ve clipped or otherwise marked!


Click the button to download your free counting on clip cards!


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