Best of September 2015


Yep, I was surprised, too – September is actually over, and it’s time to look back at all my new posts of the month! As usual, I’ll feature the top 3 new posts and my personal favorite  below.

I was really busy with a lot of new posts this past month, and some of them seemed to be particularly timely, as my top 3 new posts did better than a lot of my older posts that usually do well and have a lot of momentum behind them.

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Check out the best new posts of September 2015 from Simple Fun for Kids!




My Favorite New Post in September


Sensory Activities for Kids: Wet and Dry Fall Sensory Table - fun with water and fall themed items!


This Wet and Dry Fall Sensory Table that I set up for N was my favorite last month! N had lots of fun exploring the individual items. He was more drawn towards the wet side, and that’s totally okay!




Top 3 New Posts in September



Painting Leaves

Oh so simple, but really fun and BEAUTIFUL! (A surprise success that I didn’t post until a week before the end of the month.)


Pumpkin Suncatcher Toddler Craft

N’s very first craft! He enjoyed doing it, and he loves the result! It’s a perfect toddler craft because you’ll get a cute result even if your kid doesn’t have a very long attention span.


Fall Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are always awesome! Go download these – they include the name of the pictured object at the bottom for extra learning, whether it’s as environmental print, for tracing or copying.




All New Posts in September by Main Category


Sensory Activities and Science:


Art Activities and Crafts:


Learning Activities and Printables:



None this month!


Activities for Babies (as always, most of them are good for toddlers and older kids, too!)




What were your favorite new posts in September? Let me know in the comments below!



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