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Welcome to July, and to a round-up of all the new post I wrote in June, with a special look at the three most popular ones, and at my personal favorite!

Thank you for being here, and for reading and enjoying my posts!

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My Favorite New Post in June


Simple Sensory Activities for Kids: Baby Play with Rice and Cookie Cutters


Baby N had a lot of fun playing with rice and cookie cutters. I particularly enjoyed the fact that we were able to do a great sensory activity shortly before we had to go somewhere: N didn’t need a bath afterwards, and it was easy to sweep up the rice before we left the house.


The 3 Most Popular New Posts in June



Red, White, and Blue Water Sensory Bin

Just a simple water sensory bin I put together for N with red and blue pool noodles and white funnels. He loved it!


Shark I Spy Printable

Shark week is coming up in July – here’s a shark-themed I Spy game that makes counting and number recognition fun!


Floating Rainbow Balls in the Water Table

As you can see, water activities have been very popular. For this one, I put a bunch of plastic balls into our water table along with just enough water to make them float. N had a blast exploring them – and splashing the water, of course 🙂



All New Posts in June by Main Category


Sensory Activities and Science:


Art Activities and Crafts:


Learning Activities and Printables:




Activities for Babies (as always, most of them are good for toddlers and older kids, too!)




What were your favorite new posts in June? Let me know in the comments below!



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