Best of February 2016

I know that February has fewer days than the other months, but even knowing that, it sure seemed to go by much faster than I could keep up with.

Now that it’s March, it’s time to show you the Best of February 2016: All new posts, the top 3 most popular ones, and my personal favorite, too!

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Have you missed any of the new posts on Simple Fun for Kids? Check out the Best of February 2016: Printables, sensory, sight words, Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and more for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners.


Top 3 Most Popular Posts of February 2016


Once again {just like in December and January} my top 3 new posts were all printables! Thank you for loving them <3



Spring Coloring Pages

The most popular new post of the month! Even though it’s not yet spring everywhere, you definitely can do these coloring pages in the winter and dream of spring 😉

Easter Egg Sight Word Read and Cover Game

I’ve shared several roll and cover games with you in the past {this Valentine’s Puppies Roll and Cover Game is my favorite}. For this printable, I gave the concept a literary twist using sight words – and it’s obvious that it’s been very successful 🙂

Pre-Primer Sight Word Mini Flash Cards

A surprise hit! I made this one page printable with all the pre-primer sight words to prepare for our Sight Word ABCs with Blocks activity – not pretty, but it gets the job done. I didn’t expect many people to download it and was surprised by the interest in it.


My Favorite Post of February 2016


Check out these cute, simple Easter egg fingerprint cards! The process is really fun, leaves a lot of room for creativity, and is great for kids of all ages! Includes a printable template.


Oooh, this was so much fun! I usually don’t do kids’ crafts myself, but for these Easter Egg Fingerprint Cards, I made an exception. And I was so glad that I did, because it was SUPER FUN to make all those fingerprints! My daughter and her two friends had fun with it, too, and our results were all quite different – love it!


All New Posts of February 2016


Sensory Activities and Science:


Art Activities and Crafts:


Learning Activities and Printables:






What were your favorite new posts in February? Let me know in the comments below!


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