10 Simple Sensory Bins with Rice


Sensory bins with rice are awesome! They’re easy to put together, can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, and can be adapted to any occasion or learning objective. The rice doesn’t even make a big mess because whatever ends up on the floor is so easy to vacuum right up. You can even let your kids use the vacuum for this, so they can get a bit of practice at some life skills along the way 😉

The rice doesn’t always have to be colored, either, white rice can be lots of fun, too! And when you’re done playing, you can keep the rice {colored or not} pretty much indefinitely for more sensory fun in the future. We have rice from two years ago still going strong, with no change in color.


Sensory Activities for Kids: Get inspired by 10 simple sensory bins with rice!




For spring and Easter one year, I made an Easter Sensory Tub with rice, an egg carton and real egg shells! This one actually had only a very limited amount of rice, which is totally fine. You don’t always need a whole box full of rice!


Set up a quick and simple sensory tub to welcome spring and Easter!



The rice in this Fall Rice Sensory Bin is super vibrant, despite the fact that I had colored it a whole year before using it here. With a few basic fall-themed items, E had great fun pouring and scooping and getting in the mood for fall.


Lots of fun with a simple and pretty fall rice sensory bin!



I really enjoyed how this Christmas Rice Sensory Bin with Trains from Little Bins for Little Hands went from a simple rice sensory bin to a complete small world. And I LOVE the trains! You could definitely use them for other occasions as well – or no occasion at all.


Sensory Activities for Kids: Get inspired by 10 simple sensory bins with rice! 



When I saw this picture of Neon Rice with Black Beans from Powerful Mothering, I was intrigued. Check out the vibrant neon colors Nicolette got with gel food coloring! The black beans are the perfect contrast.


Sensory Activities for Kids: Get inspired by 10 simple sensory bins with rice!



There’s so much to discover in this I Spy Sensory Bin from Happy Hooligans. Jackie uses recycled sectioned trays for containers, what a great idea!


Sensory Activities for Kids: Get inspired by 10 simple sensory bins with rice!



The rice in this Ocean Sensory Bin from Kids Activities Blog isn’t actually blue – and it doesn’t have to be to serve as the base for a sensory bin where there are so many ocean-themed items to explore.


Sensory Activities for Kids: Get inspired by 10 simple sensory bins with rice!



Our “Flower Meadow” Sensory Tub started out really simple but kept E busy for several days as I kept adding different items.


Bring a touch of spring into your house, even if it's the middle of winter: Create a Flower Meadow Sensory Tub!



With just a few plastic spiders and some kitchen tools, this Spider Sensory Tub provided E with lots of sensory fun when she was a toddler.


Can you believe we had spiders hiding in our sensory tub??!!



Our first experience with colored rice was this Blue Rice Sensory Tub, more proof that great complexity isn’t necessary to keep kids entertained.


We had lots of fun and spent a lot of time exploring a simple Blue Rice Sensory Tub!




And you don’t even need a sensory bin! For N’s Baby Play with Rice, I used a cookie sheet to make it easy for him to explore uncolored rice at 5 months old.


Super simple sensory baby play with a tray full of rice!



 Which simple sensory bins with rice have you tried? Has this post inspired you? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!




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